We are training workplaces for better communication, bosses to lead good collaboration and professionals to have better dialogues with customers.

Dialogues & Design Ltd is a company providing training, consulting and personnel services. We train dialogue experts in customer and cooperation situations. Everything we do is dialogically tailored to the customer’s unique needs.

Dialogues & Design animation by Sara Galeotti

Training for dialogue experts

We are training communication skills and how to use dialogical tools in customer and cooperation situations. Our specialties are network dialogue facilitator -training and early dialogue training. We are also helping you how to take up one’s worries and how to communicate in complex cases.

Facilitating dialogical workshops

It is important that when planning something new or solving challenging situations, participants, including directors and the whole management, can focus on brainstorming. External facilitators will care for the operation. Please, order a dialogical facilitation for your workshop from us.

Helping to solve wicked problems

When your work community has a complex and stalemate, a wicked problem, help can be found in a dialogue led by an outsider. Dialogues & Design offers help with the situation by management consulting, facilitating workplace dialogues and creating a good, common vision for the future together with you. Contact us and we will work with you to create a suitable service for you.

Dialogue is thinking together

Mentoring workplace management

Get help for the management of your organization! Bosses also need sharing of their management experiences to develop their performance.

Job counseling and work supervision services

Do you need job coaching and thinking about work issues together? In dialogical work supervision, the supervisor listens to what the supervisee says, not what he or she means. The goal is the guided person’s own interpretations and empowerment. Order a customized, unique service from us.

Education export

Finnish education system is famous all over the world.  You can order presentations and training of the system from us.  We are also education experts!

Dialogue is together thinking that starts with listening. Listening means facing each other and a loosening of your own attitude to make hearing possible. Listen to what the other person is saying, not what he or she means. Then you are in dialogue.

We need dialogical working skills everywhere. Customer work, work community activities, management, communication and development work are full of dialogue encounters. It’s about their quality. Skills can be practiced!